The Relation Between Pharos of Alexandria and Tower of Hercules – Abir Kassem (Egypt)

The relations between countries could be economic, political, historical, cultural or any other kind of relations. It could be also artistic influences on different places. Related to this meaning, this paper will deal with a monument located at Spain, built in the reign of Trajan and will be compared with another one at Egypt despite the long distance between them in space and time.

The monument in Spain is the Tower of Hercules which was a roman lighthouse, built in the north-west of Spain, and known by (( Farum Brigantium )) till it changed to Tower of Hercules. Farum Brigantium was derived from the Greek word (Pharos ) meaning the Lighthouse of Alexandria. The other monument is the Pharos of Alexandria. It was built in Alexandria, Egypt under the reign of Ptolemy 1st. by his engineer Sostratus.

This paper does not have the aim to introduce a full study about Hercules Tower , neither about Pharos of Alexandria, it has the object to present the structure of the lighthouse of Alexandria because it became such a model for other countries to imitate it, as it was very famous and turned into one of the Seven wonders of ancient world. The paper will discuss the common points between the two monuments, and the influences discovered there. The study will emphasize on the idea that art and architecture have no frontiers, it moved from a place to another easily and without permission. We must take into consideration also that there were other imitation for the Pharos but the one at Spain remained the oldest Roman lighthouse still used as a lighthouse till today.


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