Sergio Gonzalez Sanchez (Leicester University). ‘Rome and the Barbarian’s: Patterns of Interaction and mutual influence beyond the northern frontiers of the Empire’

Amanda Moore (Reading University). ‘Painting a picture of identity in Roman Egypt’

Sergi Calzada Baños (University of Barcelona). ‘Baetican food traders of II century A.D through Tituli Picti: onomastical aspects and geographical evidences (proofs).’

Ian Marshman (Leicester University). ‘Ceramic re-use in Roman Silchester’

Philip Mason (Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia) and Bernarda Županek (Museum and galleries of Ljubljana). ‘Invented identities: becoming Roman in the SE Alpine region’

Joy Eddy (Durham University). Death, the final frontier: Cremation in [Northern] Roman Britain’

Will Southwell- Wright (Durham University).  ‘Disability and Difference: Assessing Social Perceptions of Disability in Roman Britain’.

Jasper de Bruin (Leiden) ‘Cultural change in a small area: large impact?’

Alberto Foglia (Newcastle University). ‘What can GIS and 3D modeling tell us about the turrets on Hadrian’s Wall?’

Shaun McAlister (Newcastle University). ‘Roman Tourism’

Lisa Lodwick (University of Oxford) and Cindy van Zwieten (University of Reading). Scientific investigations into Early Roman urban development at Silchester, Insula IX

András Bödőcs (University Eotvos Lorand, Budapest). ‘Aerial archaeological substantiation of Roman cadastre system’s predictive model’

Bartomeu Vallori and Miguel Ángel Cau Ontiveros (University of Barcelona). ‘When the day is over: On how missing wood structural features help us exaplin space management’

Catalina Mas Florit, Bartomeu Vallori Márquez and Miguel Ángel Cau Ontiveros (University of Barcelona). ‘The Roman villa of Sa Mesquida and the exploitation of the countryside in Mallorca (Balearic islands, Spain)’

Marta Fanello (Leicester University). Commius 54BC The silent pre-conquest of Britain

Paul Johnson (Evora University)Understanding Roman urbanism in the Mediterranean and beyond: the contribution of geophysical survey


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