Friday 15th April

Afternoon Sessions- 2.30 pm-6pm

Moved communities: social projection and cultural conformity in the archaeology of the Roman limes

Session Organisers- Tatiana Ivleva (Leiden) and Ioana Oltean (Exeter)

2.30- 3.00pm Ioana Oltean (Exeter) The Roman and the Native: social projection and cultural conformity

3.00- 3.30pm Alex Meyer (Duke) The Preservation of Ethnic and Geographical Bonds in the Roman Auxilia

3.30- 4.00pm Carol van Driel-Murray (Leiden) Batavians on the move: emigrants, immigrants and returnees

4.00- 4.30pm- Coffee Break

4.30- 5.00pm Carmen Ciongradi (Cluj-Napoca) Diasporas in Roman Napoca

5.00- 5.30pm Barbara Borgers et al. Early Roman pottery in the civitas Tungorum: towards an integrated analytical approach.

5.30- 6.00pm Discussant- Martin Pitts

The Devil is in the Detail- practicalities of trade and consumption

Session Organisers- Meike Weber, MA, University of Reading, Andrew Souter, PhD, University of Nottingham

2.30- 3.00pm Elena Martelli. Saccarii from Roman harbour towns

3.00- 3.30pm Sally Grainger. Roman fish sauce and the practicalities of supply.

3.30- 4.00pm AP Souter. A preliminary discussion concerning the use of wooden barrels in Lusitania

4.00- 4.30pm- Coffee Break

4.30- 5.00pm Meike Weber. Putting a name to the pot- the evidence of potter stamps on Terra Sigillata

5.00- 5.30pm- Gwladys Monteil. From port to table- a fresh look at Samian assemblages from London and beyond

5.30- 6.00pm Discussant- Dr. Steven Willis, University of Kent.

Plenary Lecture – 6.15-7.30pm

Lindsay Allason Jones
“She Said ‘Emic”
Saturday 16th April

Morning Sessions- 9.30 am-1 pm

Identity studies theory and the methodological challenges

Session Organisers-

9.30- 10.00am Kristina Winther-Jacobsen (Copenhagen). Identity or habitus? Changes in Cypriot cooking wares during the Hellenistic-Roman period.

10.00- 10.30am Emanuele Vaccaro. (Cambridge). Pottery for the Roman peasants: patterns of persistency and change in southern Tuscany.

10.30- 11.00am Rick Bonnie (Leuven). Consuming social identity: a case study from Roman Galilee

11.00- 11.30am Coffee Break

11.30- 12.00 Daan van Helden. To curse or not to curse? Divergent uses of literacy in Aquae Sulis

12.00- 12.30pm- Stijn Heeren. (Amsterdam). Burials and brooches. Collective versus personal identity.

12.30- 1.00pm- Discussant. John Lund, Copenhagen.

a. R. G. Collingwood- an early theoretical archaeologist?

Session Organisers- Paul Bidwell, Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums, Stephen Leach, unaffiliated

9.30- 10.00am Stephen Leach. Archaeology, history and philosophy: their relationship in the work of RG Collingwood.

10.00- 10.30am Paul Bidwell (TWM Archaeology). Collingwood’s archaeological fieldwork and the methodology of history

10.30- 11.00am Richard Hingley (Durham) TBC. Session organisers to confirm!

11.00- 11.30- coffee break

b. Multiple Masculinities in Roman Archaeology- no girls allowed!!

Session Organisers- Courtney Ward, Oxford and Melanie Sherratt, Durham.

11.30- 12.00 Melanie Sherratt (Durham). An holistic approach to Roman gender

12.00- 12.30pm Courtney Ward (Oxford) Multiple masculinities and personal adornment from Herculaneum

12.30- 1.00pm Kathryn Reusch (Oxford) Creating gender: castration in Rome.

Afternoon Sessions- 2.30 pm-6pm

Towards an Anthropological Archaeology of Roman Colonialism

Session Organisers- Joe Bonni (University of Chicago) and Karim Mata (University of Chicago)

2.30- 3.00pm Astrid Van Oyen (Cambridge). Exploring the potential of Actor-Network-Theory for Roman archaeology

3.00- 3.30pm Joe Bonni (Chicago) Everything is Full of Gods: Rethinking Religion in the Roman Empire

3.30- 4.00pm Zeynep Akture (Izmir, Turkey) Late Republican theatre-construction in the cultural milieu of the Iberian Peninsula”

4.00- 4.30pm- coffee break

4.30- 5.00pm Karim Mata (University of Chicago) “Material Perspectives in the Roman Lower Rhineland: Expanding the Limits of what Archaeological Assemblages Can Tell Us”

5.00- 5.30pm Ben Luley (University of Chicago) Consuming like a Roman? Colonial Consumption at Ancient Lattara, France

5.30- 6.00pm Discussant- Jane Webster, Newcastle University

Oh, the Humanity! Improving the model army, in Theory

Session Organisers- Dr Rob Collins, Newcastle University and PAS

2.30- 3.00pm Rob Collins (PAS and Newcastle University) Total authority? Identifying pervasiveness in the Roman army.

3.00- 3.30pm E M Greene Sulpicia Lepidina and Elizabeth Custer: a cross-cultural analogy for military wives in a frontier context.

3.30- 4.00pm Matt Symonds. Crossing the line: Functionalism, militarism, and discrepant experience at milecastles on Hadrian’s Wall.

4.00- 4.30pm- coffee break

4.30- 5.00pm Robert Matthew Beer, blades and the Batavian Ear: The Batavian myth, Roman military studies and the archaeology of Vindolanda Roman fort.

5.00- 5.30pm Paper and speaker to be confirmed

5.30- 6.00pm Discussant- Andrew Gardner UCL

Sunday 17th April

Morning sessions- 9.15 am- 11.30

General Session 1

9.15- 9.40am Edward Biddulph (OA). On the origin of behaviours: examining the process of cultural selection through funerary evidence

9.40- 10.05am Sarah Gilboa-Karni (Tel-Aviv). The Dionysian thiasus on garden oscilla: a Roman ‘assembly line’ to attain fertility

10.05- 10.30am Mara Vejby. Social Memory and Prehistoric Sites in the Roman Empire

10.30- 10.55am Michael Mulyran (Kent). The establishment of urban movement networks: linear devotional pathways and mental maps in Late Antique and Early Medieval Rome.

10.55- 11.20am Roeland Emaeus Boundaries of the Empire: Territory, Identity and the Limes

11.20- 11.30- questions/discussion- Jane Webster to lead

General Session 2

9.15- 9.40am Ian Longhurst – Evidence for regional trades in game pies and potted meats, using petrologically distinctive hand-made coarse pottery as ‘brands of location

9.40- 10.05am Darrell Rohl. (Durham). Chorography: an evaluation of theory and practice past and present.

10.05- 10.30am Nick Garland (UCL). Settlement boundaries: the examination of social change in the Late Iron Age- Roman transition.

10.30- 10.55am Abir Kassem. (Egypt). The relation between Pharos of Alexandria and Tower of Hercules.

10.55- 11.20am Michael Teed (Buffalo) Building Roman Landscapes: Assessing Roman economic exploitation in Southern Etruria during the Republic

11.20- 11.30- questions/discussion- Darrel Rohl to lead


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